Knight Hawke
Dwarf Goats
Knight Hawke first got into pygmys in
about 1996.  At that time they were
very few being shown and bred.  We
originally got our first goat from
Starfrost Pygmies as a 4H project and
it has just exploded in to a herd of
about 30 head.  But with moms health
we reduced are herd to only a few
pets.  We are not breeding pygmy
goats anymore but we are still actively
producing nigerian dwarf goats.
We got our first Nigerian Dwarf goat in
2003.  We first got into the nigerians
for the aspect of having extra milk if we
ever had an orphan pygmy that we
would need to bottle raise.  We really
like the nigerian dwarfs because of
their large rainbow of colors that are
available.  Also most of our herd have
the unusual blue eyes.  Nigerians are
also very easy kidder and don't have
the birthing problems the pygmies do.  
We usually have about 10 to 12 nigies.
Our nigerians are AGS registered.

We usually have one kidding a year in
the spring starting in Feb or March.  If
you are interested in a goat email us
and I can put you on a waiting list for
which ever breed you are looking for.
So if you are interested in adding a
little goat to your farm email us on our
contact page above.
Some of our Nigerian
Dwarf Kids.