Snofires Royal
Snofires Royal Dancer
Classic Champagne Homozygous Tobiano Pinto
30.5 inches
Kohlman Falabella Little Prince
Classic Champagne Homozygous Tobiano/ Splash
Homozygous Black
31.5 inches
Pine Tree Bonus
Classic Champagne
30.5 inches
Hemlock Brooks Silver Legend
Black Silver
27 inches
Maude\'s Hi Cee
Black 31 inches
Maude\'s Melody
Black Silv. 33.5
Hemlock Brooks Kemotion
Classic Champ 31.75\"
Hemlock Brooks Majestic Black Unknown
Hemlock Brooks Goldie-Locks Dell Teras Hippy
Dell Teras Molly Bee
Flaby\'s Cortesana
Black Tobiano
30.5 inches
Willow Creeks Dancin with Daisy
Black Tobiano Homozygous
33.75 inches
Flying W Farms Little Wardance
Bay Tobiano
33.25 inches
Flying W Farms Wardance
Sorrel Tobiano
29 inches
Flying W Farms Sundance Palo. 31\" Unknown
Flying W Farms Wildwood Rose Rambler
Flying W Farms Matadors Moonflower
31 inches
Flying W Farms Matadors Bay 29\" Flying W Farms Masterpiece
Flying W Farms Blondie
Flying W Farms Imadoll Unregistered  
Wildnwooly Miss Snippet
Black Tobiano
30.5 inches
Rainbow Ridges Starburst Cody
Blk Tobiano
30.5 inches
Star\'s Sunburst
Blk Tobiano 28\"
Freemans Star
Rolling Ridges Gina
Our Little Tina
Black Tob. 33.5\"
Soats Lil Guy
Huffs Stargazer
Bay Tobiano
33 inches
Silhouette Acres Snuffy Smith Sorrel Silhouette Acres Mr. Silhouette
Silhouette Acres Daisy May
Pedigree generated by
Kohlmans Falabella Little Prince
Willow Creek Dancin With Daisy
Grand Sire: Pine Tree Bonus
Snofires Royal Dancer is a 2010 model
CHAMPAGNE colored miniature horse
stallion.  He is registered AMHA, AMHR
and ICHR.  His sire is Kohlmans
Falabella Little Prince a Classic
Champagne stallion who is from the
Champagne miniature horse Pine
Trees Bonus and out of a Falabella
miniature mare.  Dancers dam is
Willow Creeks Dancin with Daisy is a
black pinto mare who is the daughter
of Flying W Farms Little Wardance.

Both Dancers parents are
HOMOZYGOUS Tobiano pintos so he
will through 100% pinto foals.  Let
alone he is a champagne and can
through them too.

He has two beautiful blue eyes and
stands 30 inches tall.  
Mares bred to Snofires Royal Dancer for 2018:
Grand Sire: Flying W Farms Little
Granddam: Flabys Cortesana
Photo Not Available
Granddam: Wildnwooly Miss
Photo Not Available