The Mini Mountain Miniature Horse
Club was formed in the Fall of 2003 by
16 local miniature horse owners and
breeders in the area of the panhandle
of WV and northern VA because of
lack of a miniature horse club in our
area and it became apparent that thee
were a lot of newcomersto the breed
that had no idea the differences
between the numerous registries or
differences involved between caring
for the miniature horse vs. thier larger
Activities planned for 2018:
Barbara Havins
Knight Hawke Miniatures

Vice President & Treasurer:

The Club was
created to help
miniature horse
owners learn more
about care,
handling, breeding
and showing of this
wonderful little
The club is open to miniatures of any
registry AMHA, AMHR, WCMHR, Gold
Seal or even unregistered miniatures.  
So if you have a miniature or an
interest in owning one contact us.
Membership is a
reasonable $15.00 per
The club routinely has
quarterly meetings at each
meeting the club tries to have
an educational demonstration
or fun activity for members.  
We usually try to have 2 to 3
clinics each year to help
members learn about
showing, clipping or what ever
the club has an interest in.

An boy do we have cookouts!
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