Knight Hawke Miniatures
Sale Horses
Reeces Fancy Thunder (Reeces
Thunder Hawk x Inch High
Sketiiton) Silver dapple mare,
with odd facial marking.  AMHA
and AMHR and 35 inches.  a
good mother and produces pretty
foals. $700.00
For Adoption Warbucks
Impressum Warrior–(F Heritage
Warbucks Impressum x Rowdys
Afternoon Delight)Chestnut
appaloosa with a blanket 2009
model with AMHA and AMHR
papers pending.  He stands 34
inches tall.   He is a very cute
gelding I took in and have gotten
healthy and is ready for
adoption.  He is very laid back
with a good disposition.  When I
got him he was having some
breathing issues and appears to
occasionaly have heaves.  We
got him medication and gave it to
him for a while but now is doing
well with out it and we just use it
as needed.  Adoption fee is
$350.00 but neg to a good home.
Knight Hawke Poco Dot Pixie
(Ministuf Chance for An Ace x
Toylands Torinado)  This little filly is
has double appaloosa parents.  Dad
is a black leopard and dam is a black
with a blanket Falabella appaloosa
mare.  She is a 2018 model and is
pending for AMHA and AMHR
papers and could be registered
falabella blend.  She is being offered
for a short time.  We may decide to
keep her for our broodmare band.  
$800.00 FIRM
For Adoption
Grandma - unregistered senior
mare approxametly 20 yrs old
and a silver roan with a partical
blue eye.  This mare was taken in
very bad shape.  She was skin
and bones.  We have been
feeding her wet alfalfa pellets and
wet feed. She is eating well and
much perkier.  She had her teeth
done and the dentist said that
with the condition of her teeth she
will need to always have softened
food but she can eat some hay
but will need most of her diet in
the moisted state.  Grandma is
broke to ride and we put a saddle
on her and she is not fazed by it
at all.  If there is a little boy that
might be interested in a horse to
love she would be a good match.  
Adoption is $200.00 but neg to a
good forever home.